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Recently, I have been doing some video production, something I used to do alot of at school. I have been learning more about After Effects, and incorporating the projects into my videos.

CLIENT: Only One Direction

SPECIFICATION: Only One Direction are the top One Direction Tribute Band touring the country and needed a trailer for venues to show. The trailer must work both with and without sound. I was provided with footage and music.



CLIENT: Miss Rosie Beaver

SPECIFICATION: Rosie Runs Riot is the new web series by drag queeb Rosie Beaver, following her manic trails around London. The series needed to be snappy, colourful and each episode around 4-5 mins long.

CLIENT: Les Miserables

SPECIFICATION: Les Mis required footage to use for the proection and LED screens on stage at the Dominion Theatre. Two videos were required. I filmed Sir Cameron Mackintosh for the video, then built a cheesy and fun, poppy backing video which was a success.