Cool Rider
The Client
Cool Rider is a cult musical sequel that first hit the London stage in January 2014 at the Lyric Theatre before transferring to the Duchess Theatre for a 5 star run over Easter. The show was then preserved on the Original Studio Cast recording, funded for by the fans through Kickstarter.
The Brief
Being the show producer, I decided to design all the shows branding myself. We needed a logo that could be used in all sorts of formats and be recognised wherever it appeared. When we first did the show we didn't have any photos of the cast to use on posters so, along with my co-producer, we had to come up with an idea that would grab people's attention.
The Outcome
The original poster sees a wooden ladder bathed in a pink spotlight on a stage. We knew this would speak to the fans of the film as the ladder plays such an iconic part in the song 'Cool Rider'. Once we got photography of our stars we started using their image, which has been used on everything ever since. The photo has been made to look like they are riding a motorcycle. The original colour palette for Cool Rider was barbie pink, which evolved into deep purples, and came back to the pink for the current website. I had to design posters, flyers, newspaper & online ads, souvenir brochures, standees, roller banners, signs for the theatre facade, CD & vinyl artwork and a collectible photo book. The website has changed a couple of times over the years. I'm very happy with the latest version as it was the first responsive site I'd created. It looks great no matter what device you look at it on. Responsiveness is now a given in my website designs. Everything has kept in the same design parameters, allowing the brand of the show to build.
Website Features:
Contact Form
Music Playlist
Photo Gallery
Responsive Layout

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