Dad’s Army Radio Show

Two actors, two microphones, over twenty-five characters – and lots of sound effects! The nation’s favourite sitcom returns new-minted in this highly-acclaimed production.

With Dad’s Army Radio Show being taken over by new producers, the shows branding needed a complete overhaul, and it was my task to come up with something new and fresh. I decided on going ultra minimalist and modern looking, with homages to the original sitcoms logo, which is important as it still needs to connect with the die-hard fans of the show.

This is the first project that I’ve also done the photography for, so it was great fun being in the studio with the master of comedy David Benson and Jack Lane. I came to them with this concept pre-visualised and then we played around a bit doing character headshots.

I’m delighted with the outcome of this new fresh look for the show and hope we get the chance to tweak and make the brand grow throughout the coming years.

A Christmas Carol

The image you see here is what will appear in the Brochure for the Capitol Horsham, previewing what will be showing at the theatre in coming months. Information about the show will be layered over the top so I had to be careful about where I placed key imagery.

Having previously come up with the logo layout, now was the time to come up with more of a look for the show. On the same day as our Dad’s Army photoshoot, we took lots of different photos for this production, culminating in this gorgeous shot of David Benson and Jack Lane. Believe it or not, they are the only real objects in the image.

I had great fun putting this together, and I’m so pleased with this next step in the journey to the final poster!

Six Nations Lunch

This poster was commissioned by Sliced Events for their lunch and screening event of the Ireland vs Wales Six Nations match. The match was screened at The London Irish Centre in Camden, and ticket holders were provided with a pint of Guinness and a traditional bacon and cabbage lunch.

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